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If you’re ready to get away from it all and get in touch with your inner self, we invite you to experience the best meditation retreat Montana has to offer. Surrounded by tranquil forests, serene mountains, flowing water, and natural beauty as far as the eye can see, there’s nothing else quite like a luxury meditation retreat at Alberton Orchards.

On-Site Studio

Hidden in a secluded meadow among the trees is our outdoor studio. This one-hour session includes bottled water, stretch pads, and towels. After your morning stretch, take in the views of the stunning valley below. Start your day exercising your body and mind, and then explore endless opportunities for relaxation or adventure.

A group of women stretching outdoors
A woman meditating in the forest

Breathtaking Nature

Our guides are happy to help you find the perfect location, or feel free to enjoy your meditation retreat in Montana on your own terms. Unwind to the soothing sounds of the Clark Fork River, or find a secluded spot to meditate while the birds sing their peaceful melodies. Your happy place awaits.

Sleep Among the Trees

We offer accommodations for every budget. Our glamping tents provide a luxurious camping experience — sleep among the trees and under the stars. We also have real log cabins packed with modern, high-end amenities available. Whether you’re looking to connect with nature or treat yourself to a luxurious getaway, you’ll find it all here.

Trees in a forest
A woman stretching on top of a mountain

Outdoor Activities Galore

Alberton Orchards is your gateway to a wide variety of outdoor activities for all ages and skill levels — your meditation retreat in Montana is all-inclusive. From hiking and fly fishing to white water rafting, there are so many adventures right outside your door. We even offer agrotourism reminiscent of Tuscany, Italy. Take it all in.

Book Your Luxury Meditation Retreat

Alberton Orchards is the premier destination for those seeking solace and serenity, but that’s only the beginning. Our estate includes a Western-style ranch, orchard, vineyard, and so much more. Everything you need is within walking distance, including farm-to-table cuisine, wine tasting, fascinating wildlife, and an endless bounty of natural beauty.

We’re happy to customize your activities, food, and anything else to make sure you enjoy the finest meditation retreat Montana has to offer. Book your stay now.