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Alberton Orchards is pleased to offer picturesque vineyard tours complete with fine wine-tasting opportunities. Our three-acre Montana vineyard provides guests with a luxurious agrotourism experience akin to what you would find in Tuscany, Italy. Surrounded by Montana’s magnificent nature and our authentic, Western-style ranch, this is a truly special place where you’ll create the fondest memories.

Spectacular Rural Beauty

The vineyard is nestled between the railroad tracks and the majestic Clark Fork River—a serene location occasionally peppered with the nostalgic sounds of trains passing by. Our Honeycrisp apple orchard and fruit and herb garden are just a quick walk away. No matter which way you turn, you’re going to fall in love with your surroundings.

Alberton Orchard’s vineyard
Green, red, and purple grapes

Three Grape Varieties

Our vineyard tours feature more than 1,800 vines growing Marquette, Concord, and Itasca white wine grapes. Wander the landscape, take in the sights, and sample the vineyard at your own pace. The gorgeous grape rows make beautiful backdrops for your wedding or vacation photos.

Exquisite Wine Tasting

No vineyard adventure is complete until the wine has been tasted and tasted again! The vineyard is perfectly complemented by a restored wine barn where you can sip superb red and white wines and have a bite to eat while the trains pass by.

A row of wine glasses
A barn on a ranch

Perfect for Events

Our renovated hay barn is a delightful addition to our vineyard tours, but that’s not all. We love hosting intimate weddings and other events. The rustic barn features a full bar, electricity, furniture, and stone pavers. Enjoy discounted lodging when you book your wedding at Alberton Orchards!

Get Closer to Nature

We look forward to welcoming you to our Montana vineyard and the rest of our stunning estate. The vineyard is just one of many outdoor activities that await you. We take pride in providing an all-inclusive agrotourism experience that can be customized to your exact preferences. Our vineyard tours are exceptional, so don’t wait to book your stay. Get out and enjoy nature and all its glorious bounty in Montana.