Those interested in hiking vacations would do well to visit Alberton Orchards. Located in the scenic Alberton Gorge, our ranch is engulfed in rural beauty, with endless opportunities to take Montana hiking trips on your terms. Enjoy a leisurely stroll by the picturesque Clark Fork River, or traverse the local mountain ranges. From beginner to advanced hikes, our authentic, Western-style ranch has options for all ages. Explore on your own or hike with one of our friendly guides.

Nature at Your Doorstep

Alberton Orchards is located right on the banks of the picturesque Clark Fork river and surrounded by majestic mountain ranges. Start your day with a quick jog by the water, then hit the trails. Hiking vacations don’t get better than this! Be sure to hit the Scenic Bridge for breathtaking views of the gorge and sprawling landscapes.

Green trees near a calm body of water
A young woman stretching on top of a mountain

Visit Fish Creek State Park

While there are enough hiking locations within walking distance to keep you busy for the entire duration of your stay, Fish Creek State Park is a fantastic spot to visit, and it’s less than a half-hour drive away. The park is a fantastic place for fishing, wildlife watching, and of course, hiking. Head to Williams Peak fire lookout for incredible views of the Bitterroot and Mission Mountains.

Fun for All Ages

Hiking vacations at Alberton Orchards are a blast for the whole family. While there’s plenty of challenging terrain for adventure-seekers, there are also beginner-friendly areas so everyone can get out and enjoy nature in Montana. Our helpful guides will be happy to point you in the right direction.

A woman and child playing in a green grass field near a mountain
A group of people whitewater rafting

Outdoor Activities

Hiking is just one of the many outdoor activities that are available at Alberton Orchards. The Alberton Gorge is famous for its whitewater rafting and fly fishing. Local ATV and dirt bike riding is an option for adrenaline chasers, or enjoy meditation in a serene environment. We even have on-site target shooting available at our gun range. Our hiking vacations come with lots of perks!

Book a First-Class Adventure

Montana hiking trips are just the start. We provide an all-inclusive, fully customizable experience that combines an authentic, Western-style ranch with the agrotourism found in Tuscany, Italy. In addition to the local trails, our orchard and vineyard are the perfect places to enjoy a relaxing stroll followed by fresh, farm-to-table cuisine and a glass of wine. Get closer to nature. Book your stay now.