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Come enjoy an all-inclusive Western ranch vacation with agrotourism reminiscent of Tuscany, Italy. Harvest fruits and herbs, and use them to make farm-to-table dishes and fresh-squeezed juices. Feed friendly Scottish Highland cattle by hand. Taste exquisite wines made from our vineyard’s grapes. Immerse yourself in all the land has to offer. No space is off-limits to those who like to explore.

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Our orchard is home to over 1,500 Honeycrisp apple trees that make delightfully sweet and slightly acidic apple cider. Feel free to hand-pick apples and bake a pie, make cold pressed cider, or just eat fresh. Our orchard also has blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, tobacco, hops, mint, arugula, basil, rosemary, and thyme herbs so you can indulge your senses throughout your authentic ranch vacation.

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Grape vines in a vineyard



Take a leisurely stroll through the many rows of Concord grapes, Marquette grapes, and Itasca white wine grapes. Feel free to explore and sample the three-acre vineyard, or pull up a stool and enjoy lunch and a glass of wine in our restored wine barn as trains pass by and honk their horns. The gorgeous vineyard is also the perfect spot to take photos that will always remind you of your luxury farm vacation at Alberton Orchards.



Delight your palate with the freshest dining and drinks you’ve ever had. You won’t find a more delicious ranch vacation! Our abundant gardens are overflowing with produce, so you can create delectable dishes or snack on hand-picked fruits as you please. We take pride in offering the finest agrotourism around. So come enjoy a taste of Tuscany right here in scenic Montana.

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Nestled between the majestic Clark Fork river and charming railroad tracks, you’ll find an old hay barn that has been beautifully restored and transformed into a rustic wine bar. Sit back and savor the sounds, sights, and flavors as you sip the finest wines crafted from our very own grapes. Where else can you take a Western ranch vacation with wine tasting at your front door?



We provide an all-inclusive farm vacation experience, and that includes harvesting from the land and creating your own gourmet goods. From organic dishes to fresh-squeezed juices and ciders to the sweetest honey, our farm is a foodie’s paradise! We even have an herb garden so you can put the finishing touches on your creations. Have you ever had a mojito with freshly picked mint and local honey? The possibilities are endless!

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Are you ready to get out and enjoy nature? Visit our picturesque estate for the luxury glamping ranch vacation of your dreams. Agrotourism is just the start—Alberton Orchards offers an all-inclusive experience with so many opportunities for outdoor adventures in a breathtaking environment. Send us an email for more information, or simply book your stay with us now.