Our History

Our History

Alberton Orchards is steeped in local history. Located minutes from the railroad town of Alberton Montana, our property is located on the bank of the Clark Fork River. Named after the 18th century U.S. explorer William Clark, this river drains much of the water from the Rocky Mountains into the Columbia River.

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Alberton Gorge is renowned for its whitewater rafting. This 11-mile stretch of the Clark Fork River boasts class III and class IV rapids, attracting an estimated 30,000 adventure seekers each year.

The town of Alberton was created when the Milwaukee Railroad Company sought a route to the pacific ocean in the early 1900s. They choose Alberton to construct a railway station and housing for railroad employees. Soon the town grew and In 1920 Alberton was incorporated. Each year, Alberton celebrates its railroad heritage with “Alberton’s Railroad Day”, held the third Saturday in July. There is a home-town parade, petting zoo, railroad car tour, wool spinning circle, western melodrama, family games like Hunt for the Golden Spike and music from local artists.

In 1928, the Montana Highway Commission dedicated the “Scenic Bridge” over Alberton Gorge; it was one of the few deck truss bridges ever built in Montana, meant to provide unobstructed views of the gorge and surrounding country.