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Alberton Orchards provides guests with an exceptional on-site shooting range in Montana. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or a first-timer, our outdoor target shooting experience allows you to learn, improve, and try various long guns in a safe environment. Our friendly instructors will show you the ins and outs of shooting so you can return home with new knowledge, new skills, and a great memory.

All-Inclusive Target Shooting

Our rifle range comes fully equipped with everything you need to enjoy a fun, safe, and rewarding day of target shooting. Knowledgeable instructors will show you how to wield various long guns, and you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment as you improve your marksmanship. Learn lifelong skills and discover some fascinating firearms.

A person holding a smoking rifle
Natural beauty in Montana

Natural Beauty

Our shooting range in Montana is surrounded by picturesque rural landscapes that really add a special sense of authenticity to your outdoor target shooting adventure. From scenic forests to majestic mountains, Alberton Orchards is an outdoor enthusiasts’ paradise. Even if you’re a regular at your local range, shooting at our Western-style ranch is unforgettable.

Outdoor Activities for Everyone

Target shooting is just one of the countless outdoor activities available within walking distance of your cabin or glamping tent. Sharpen your aim at the range, and then play a thrilling game of paintball. Unwind with some fly fishing, or enjoy a lazy inner tube ride down the scenic Clark Fork River. There’s fun for the whole family at Alberton Orchards!

A person playing paintball
A group of people riding horses on a trail

Explore on Your Terms

Our shooting range in Montana is just a stone’s throw away from your lodging and other amenities. If you’re in the mood to traverse Montana’s picturesque surroundings, we offer plenty of options, including horseback riding, ATV/dirt bike riding, fat tire biking, wagon rides, scooter tours, and more. Fire a few rounds, and then get out and enjoy nature!

Book a First-Class Adventure

We can’t wait to provide you with a safe and informative outdoor target shooting vacation like nothing else you’ve ever experienced. And that’s just the start! Our authentic Western-style ranch includes luxurious lodging and amenities and agrotourism reminiscent of Tuscany, Italy. We’re more than happy to customize your all-inclusive getaway to your specific preferences, so get in touch if you have any requests or questions. Our on-site shooting range in Montana is an incredible place for anyone looking to learn about long guns and improve their shooting accuracy and confidence. Book your stay now.