How to Choose the Perfect Spring Wedding Venue

A bouquet of flowers hanging over an altar at a spring wedding venue

Are you scouting spring wedding locations for your upcoming celebration? First things first—congratulations on starting this new chapter of your life! Planning a wedding is such an exciting experience, but it’s no secret that it can be tricky at times. Finding the perfect venue is the first step of many, and it’s one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

Springtime is such a romantic season, and the weather couldn’t be better for an outdoor wedding surrounded by picturesque nature. At the same time, you want to be sure that everyone will be comfortable. There’s a lot to consider when selecting a spring wedding venue. Hopefully, this guide makes the process a bit easier for you.

Without further adieu, here are 10 tips on how to choose a wedding venue worthy of your love!

1. Use Your Budget Wisely

You might be surprised by how far you can stretch your budget if you do some savvy planning. For example, if you’re on a tight budget, your first instinct might be to book the cheapest venue and then transform it into something special. That empty VFW hall might seem appealing on paper. But by the time you pay for extras like tables, chairs, lighting, decorations, and other essentials, you can easily find yourself in premium spending territories.

Instead, consider booking an all-inclusive spring wedding venue that provides everything you need. This simple strategy opens up many more possibilities as you browse spring wedding locations. If you do some research and a little arithmetic, you might be able to save some serious cash while also enjoying a much more luxurious setting. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the labor involved in setting up a wedding venue.

2. Think About Your Theme

While you don’t necessarily have to have a themed wedding, you still want to consider the overall vibe. For example, if you’re having a springtime wedding, you’ll probably want to focus on outdoor amenities like fire pits, flowers, ambient lighting, and a tent. That type of spring wedding venue design is absolutely perfect for a rustic, rural wedding that’s also elegant and luxurious.

Imagine your dream wedding. What does it look like? Are your guests dressed to the nines in ritzy attire, or are they wearing something more festive and laid-back? Are you taking wedding photos in a scenic vineyard, or snapping glamor shots on a red carpet? Are you sipping champagne under the night stars, or clinking glasses under a chandelier?

These thought exercises can go a long way in helping you remove some places from your list of spring wedding locations. While you might not capture every element, you should be able to find a spring wedding venue that checks most of the boxes. Prioritize the things that are most important, and then look for venues that get you as close as possible.

3. Compare Your Guest List With the Space

How many guests are you anticipating? If you’re having an intimate wedding with close family and friends, there’s no need to book a massive venue. In fact, all that empty space could make for an awkward party! On the other hand, if you’re having a huge wedding with everyone you’ve ever met invited, it’s crucial that you plan accordingly.

Besides ensuring that your space isn’t too crowded or empty, choosing an appropriately sized spring wedding venue can save quite a bit of money that could be better spent in other ways. After all, there’s no reason to pay for space you’re not going to be using. 

If you’re unsure what size you will need, consider an indoor-outdoor venue. That way, you have ample outdoor space for large crowds, as well as an indoor spot where people can congregate. Just make sure the venue has enough tables and chairs for everyone to have a seat at the reception.

4. Be Ready for Rain

A bride and groom kissing under an umbrella

Another reason indoor-outdoor spring wedding locations are ideal is that you never know what the weather has in store. Make sure your spring wedding venue has a shelter available so the party can continue if the clouds decide to bless you with some good luck! A large tent is a great option because you can still enjoy that spring breeze while staying dry.

5. Look Into Lodging

Are you planning on staying the night? Do your guests have somewhere to sleep? While accommodations may not be a big deal for local weddings, it’s important that everyone has a place to go after a destination wedding is over. 

Do a little research about the venue, as well as any local towns and cities. Does the venue have on-site lodging? For example, our spring wedding venue boasts log cabins crafted from original, hand-hewn logs from the 1880s. We also have upscale glamping tents for guests who want to sleep under the stars and beneath the trees.

Don’t forget about your own accommodations! This is your wedding night, after all, and you deserve the best of the best. Our wedding package includes discounted honeymoon cabins that’ll take your breath away.

6. Check Out the Surrounding Area

As you research spring wedding locations, make sure you’re also looking into the surrounding areas. For instance, it would be a shame if you hired a band to play at the spring wedding venue only to find out that you’re in a residential area where the music has to end at 10 pm. 

Or, if you’re planning on purchasing supplies nearby, you’ll want to make sure there are stores within driving distance. If you’re coming early or staying late, you’ll want to learn about local towns and cities where you can hang out, various activities to keep you and your guests entertained, and restaurants where you can get together with loved ones or grab a quick bite.

7. Use the Internet to Research the Location

If you cannot visit a spring wedding venue beforehand, spend some time scouting it online. Read reviews, check the venue’s social media pages, and look for videos on YouTube. Showing up to an unfamiliar venue can be a nerve-racking experience, so remove the guesswork in advance. That way, you can book the location with absolute confidence.

8. Plan Your Food and Drinks

As you explore spring wedding locations, be sure to think about food beyond just the ceremony feast. Guests will appreciate having beverages and appetizers available while they wait for the big meal. Does the venue provide food? Do you need to hire a caterer? Can you find local ingredients to make your own dishes and drinks?

9. Set the Scene

A bride and groom standing on a bed of pink flowers

A spring wedding venue might be absolutely beautiful, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it fits your dream wedding vision. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with keeping the venue’s decor as-is if it floats your boat, you should think about any customizations you may want to make. For example, bringing flowers can add a gorgeous splash of color to the environment.

10. Trust Your Instincts

Sometimes, you just know. While you don’t want to rush the process of finding the perfect venue, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with your options. If a certain location jumps out, there’s probably a good reason. Keep trying to narrow down your search, and eventually, the right spring wedding venue will make itself clear. Once you find the venue that speaks to you, book it so you can move on and focus on the rest of your planning.

Tie the Knot at Alberton Orchards

Alberton Orchards is home to an enchanting wedding venue. Our authentic, Western-style ranch is sure to delight anyone seeking rural spring wedding locations surrounded by nature. We provide a luxurious, all-inclusive experience that can be customized to your exact preferences.

Our indoor-outdoor wedding venue is a fully restored and repurposed early 1900s barn that exudes bucolic beauty. The vineyard and orchard surrounding our spring wedding venue give you access to a stunning backdrop that makes for magical wedding photos, as well as exquisite agrotourism reminiscent of Tuscany, Italy. 

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We’ve only scratched the surface here, so please don’t hesitate to contact us to request further information about our spring wedding venue. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so let’s make it count! Discover Montana’s finest spring wedding location today.