The Bozeman

650 sq feet two bedroom cabin, single bathroom, and living room.

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Our Bozeman cabin was sourced East of the continental divide near Bozeman, Montana.  This 650-sq ft cabin is actually two smaller cabins joined by a hallway.  The hand-hewn logs fit together in a tip-to-butt fashion which leaves larger spaces filled in by chinking. This truly unique, cozy cabin is perfect for a family with small children.  The larger portion of the cabin has a private bedroom and living space, which is connected to a smaller cabin by a hallway.  This configuration creates an ideal space for adults to be in one half of the cabin and children to be in the other.  The adult bedroom has a king bed, armoire,  and 1500 thread count sheets, while the second bedroom has 4 bunk beds and built-in shelving. There is a common bathroom with large shower, heated bathroom floors, double vanity, private toilet, towels, robes and slippers. The living room Includes is a gas fireplace, Nespresso coffee maker, refrigerator with drinks, sofa, Wifi, and outlets.


Occupancy 2 Adults, 2 Children
Amenities Large bathroom with shower, vanity, private toilet, heated bathroom floors, gas fireplace, Nespresso coffee maker, refrigerator with refreshments, chandelier, Wi-Fi, Daily full-service housekeeping.
Size 650 Sq. ft.
Bed Type 1 King bed with 1500 thread count sheets.
Bunk beds for children.
Shared Space Living room





  • Based on two adults and 2 children.




  • Based on two adults and 2 children.